Really good skill but mana heavy for it. Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes. I dont mind about the time for getting it. Helmet: Rideword hat + essence of str 3 ( for maximum mana regen and hp regen sustain ). So you can fill the rest in with whatever you want. bomb can deal like 300k damage with just hawk proc and somehow good weapon(also making you safe from taking damage after using it) Too bad we don't have an AGI equivalent to Hawkeye or whatever else. But make them interesting because they can do a lot more then other classes. You will hit about 1,5m dmg on bosses. The discovery of the Ash vacuum through the Dimensional Rift stirred up the entire continent. No matter how much money you pump into it with faceworm queen high refined and other parts it's completely useless don't bother waste of time. Unless you really need ranged damage and don't wanna get close its still useful. Stalker with Bow build can strip their foe's armor, leaving them vulnerable to hit. Auto Shadow Spell is a unique Shadow Chaser build which relies on high ASPD and high MATK to deal AoE damage primarily through autocasts triggered from the Shadow Spell skill. Can be spammed fast and is effected heavily by more global after cast delay + attack speed. Increase SP consumption of [Triangle Shot] by +2 SP per refine. Good luck with it. But I know that MT is neutral and based off our own attack. I was about to ask the same question in new topic. An undiscovered civilization presented new opportunities for attaining greater power. Hi, explain to me a little detail in this excerpt. ". They do shine in some things but mostly they are a bit below other specs on damage output. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free-to-play fantasy RPG based off the original Ragnarok Online franchise, developed by XD Global and licensed by Gravity Interactive. It's simple, the only skills that do damage for shadow chasers are the following: Not a good skill, was somewhat useful with combination of arrow storm or severe rainstorm. Both can work but RMB is strongly skewed in favour of only using TS while mystery bow can work well enough for TS grinding as well as adl and mana trap. After your asura strike you will be useless so it needs to die in it or you need to eat a berry slam some mobs to get charges and restrike it. ( read: 2) Auto attack with spell casts: ). Basically the skill you want to get. Triangle Shot: Shoot 3 arrows at a target and has a low chance at knock back. Your main defense solution always have it up. Just some advice would be greatly appreciated. Use invisible and hit with a dagger undeads in abyss glassheim, when resurrect hits it will probably deal about 2,2m dmg a hit. Used mainly to activate raid right after it ( see raid ), i use it for nothing else. High AGI, high INT and moderate to high DEX is required to be an effective build - DEX is required since the attack must still connect to trigger Shadow Spell, and STR is not needed as this build does not focus on single target … In addition to triangle shot, stalkers can also strip/divest their opponents equipment to render them useless in battle ลงวันที่ . Can only trigger 1 strip weapon/ accessory/ double accessory skill effect at a time. Much thanks guys. Permanently increase skill [Strip Accessory] % success rate. Let's assume, through gears, you have +10 Agi. Triangle shot is a single target skill that drains incredible amounts of mana for sub par damage without the proper gear. This Ragnarok Shadow Chaser skill is just like having a Baphomet card or … All rights reserved. Not really useful for anything else really other then that. Ragnarok Online : แนะนำอาชีพ Shadow Chaser สาย Triangle Shot เบิ้ล 3 !! Everything about Shadow Chaser, skill tree, skill simulator and other important skill info like range, properties, requirements, required for, etc. However they are still good fun and can work well even for a cheap budget. Endow helps a lot with more damage also. Everything else is optional and adds towards it. warlock pvp build ragnarok mobile However had fun typing it. Only works well for mvp's would not farm with it even remotely. Rings: Physical enhancer rings with 6% sp on both rings with Bandit card set ( revolver buffalo bandit card + shotgun buffalo bandit card ), Armor: Lava leather suit + Byorgue Card ( 10% attack + 150 attack power ) huge boost in damage. Made 30-5-2019 creation of the guide. but sadly those won't be used anymore in the current day. It's easy! Maybe Bow of Wind Chaser coz it can be good for both paths.Or the Robin Hood refinement % upgrade on Triangle Shot is a Multiplier of Multiplier, providing more dmg at the end. Ragnarok Online Shadow Chaser skill effect and description. Once they copied EDP, there's nothing triangle shot stalkers can't kill..Even MVPs! As they are death builds. Really powerful skill. ; External Enhanced by Headgear. Lower piece: Blood sucker for more hp regen or anything that adds dmg. Same as arrow storm, however the SP drain of this skill i would avoid it at all cost. Good job on getting here as this is where things get really fun ! Shadow Chaser (3rd Job) Skill Translation. However, as you progress through the game, you will get to the third job which is the Shadow Chaser and it's main skill is the Mana Trap which uses the opponent's INT + your multiplied ATK as the damage calculation. Stats Changing into a Shadow Chaser from a Rogue or Stalker requires the player to complete a treasure hunt across the three nations of the rune Midgard Continent, and through several dungeons. Also I haven't seen a triangle shot build on WOE/WOC/PVP so I don't think its any good late game. RMB is cheaper and more beginner friendly so if you haven't got a big handbook Atk and all the useful cards so its a good starting point. Body Painting: Spray paint around you revealing hidden enemies and reducing their ASPD. So why not. Shield: Mad bunny or more damage, cursed shield for more attack speed, white knight card combo in the shield khalitzburg or something. Think about Undead monsters in Abyss glassheim and Sky fortress to farm weapons with. Still crucial to up your damage considerable. I’ve been playing as an ADL stalker, transitioned from dagger Rogue. In this guide, we will show you how to build a Triangle Shot Stalker. Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Auto Shadow Spell is a unique Shadow Chaser build which relies on high ASPD and high MATK to deal AoE damage primarily through autocasts triggered from the Shadow Spell skill. +4 Nile’s Bracelet, +4 Tights III [1] Argiope, +4 Saints Cape, +4 Saints Boots, +4 Glove III [1] Greatest General, +4 Saints Ring, +5 Mystery Bow V [1] Goblin Archer, Firmament Horn [1] Cramp, Kumamon Blush, Dusk Veil, Quiver, Attack on Kumamon, Where should I be heading towards? Cocok untuk high-end. Double Strafe/Triangle Shot The bow rogue has high DEX and high AGI for quick and devastating damage via bows, Moderate INT ensures a steady SP supply for skill spamming and high VIT for survivability. There is a low chance to knock back the enemy. Ragnarok Shadow Chaser Skills . - One cannot auto cast holy spells eg. Still possible tho. Simple spam fatal menace. I'm glad I'm not the only adl SC using crab bow. Use reflect sword then use hide, use raid when it spawns > magnus break ( if you care for it ) dark claw and spam for 5 seconds fatal menace on the boss. Helmet: Black Knitted hat ( 100 sp ) with card ( Incubus 150 sp, -3 int ), Mid head piece: Monocle with another incubus card ( 150 sp - 3 int ), Lower piece:  Scarlet rose ( 1% atk, 30 mana ). [HELP][SC] Which path should I take with my Shadow Chaser? Pros & Cons 2. Triangle Shot Stalker Guide; New Stalker Plagiarism Skills (Episode 4.0) How to Job Change into 3rd Class?

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