Whether you want important company documents to be displayed to new employees or instructions on how to clean the coffee machine, Bitrix24 free internal knowledge base software does it all. In terms of knowledge management features, Zendesk offers help center and community forums functionality. Bloomfire is the leader in knowledge … Moreover, admins can add team members with different access roles — owners, admins, editors, draft writers, readers, etc. You can simply check how many views each article has and whether your customers rated it as helpful or unhelpful. Company history and values in another. The knowledge base feature is included in the Freshdesk product. They’re fully customizable. They’re the company behind Jira, one of the most famous issue tracking software. The main point to keep in mind is that your employees deserve as much time (if not more) than your customers. Learn how your comment data is processed. SmartSupport lets you streamline customer support and web self-service with an intuitive knowledge base software platform. the world is undergoing an employee engagement crisis, biggest drivers of workplace demotivation. What HelpCrunch has in terms of knowledge base functionality is a simple, sleek, modern tool designed to be as convenient as possible. But once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the Knowledge Capture app. From company holiday and sick leave policy, to best practices when it comes to answering a customer query, everything should be well organised in your internal knowledge base software. Procedures to follow for certain projects or situations, customer service guides, and different resources for different departments. In addition to that, it’s possible to create multiple knowledge base sites for different projects. Internal Knowledge Base Software Papyrs is knowledge base software designed to keep your company's information organized and make working together more efficient, whether it's collaborating within internal teams, with remote staff or external clients. You can specify meta titles and meta descriptions for all your knowledge base articles and translate your knowledge base articles into different languages. The best part is that the knowledge base tool is included in all subscription plans starting from the Standard for $15/mo. With easy content creation, organization, and a powerful search engine, Confluence provides an accessible platform for knowledge management to help employees and customers help themselves. They charge per page, not per team member. HelpSite is probably not the best knowledge base software for bigger companies and businesses. It offers a basic text editor, which is somewhat similar to the old WordPress interface. With a knowledge base, you can allow your customers to self-help themselves, thus reducing your customer support by up to 60%. Freshdesk is just one of the many customer service solutions offered by Freshworks (even though it’s probably the most famous one), which include live chat, call center, CRM, etc, but not knowledge base. If not, you should be looking at one that does. Zendesk Guide’s internal knowledge base software is intuitive and easy to use, and it’s built for employees at all levels. It does have all the necessary formatting features but feels a little bit outdated. Customer Help Center Provide a self-help portal to your customers so you can finally stop answering the same questions over and over. Why is the knowledge base important? So, it pays to put the time in to get the structure absolutely right. Pay $0.40 for each page you want. So, your internal knowledge base shouldn’t be something you rush, or simply throw together as an afterthought. The markdown text editor offers all the necessary editing and styling features, where you can also add links, images, videos, code samples, tables, and call-outs. Such features as analytics and user permissions are only available on paid subscription plans. Choose from these 16 options to provide a seamless omnichannel experience and improve key business metrics. There are many resources available to help you create killer product documentation for your customers, and some of these tips apply to your employees as well. Tettra is an internal knowledge base with smart workflows to help you answer repetitive questions. You can create articles in a rich text editor and customize your help center with custom themes — you know, the usual stuff. Qualify leads and deliver instant answers 24/7, Talk to your visitors and customers in real time, Set up automated messages to engage users, Send targeted email campaigns to customers, Handle customer requests from multiple channels, Create help articles for customer self-service, Create stylish popups 
that bring more leads, Reply to users on the go 
& provide in-app support, Integrate HelpCrunch 
with your favorite tools, User auth, custom data & widget controlling, Programmatic actions with customers, chats and more, Real-time updates from your HelpCrunch account. It will automatically offer relevant knowledge base articles to customers that submitted their requests via chat or email. Why Tribe is the leading internal knowledge base software . So, you decide whether you’re ready to pay a few hundred bucks for your internal knowledge base. It includes knowledge base, live chat and pop-up functionality. If you’re the kind of startup that can spend a couple of hundreds of dollars on knowledge management software each month, then HelpJuice can be great for you. Document360 is a versatile knowledge base software that can help your team in creating, collaborating, and publishing a self-service knowledge base for your products and services easily. And yes, it includes knowledge management software. However, small startups that only begin their business journeys can enjoy the free version and create 25 simple articles for starters. An internal knowledge base, just for your users We have site-level and article-level privacy settings. In this article we explain how to build a knowledge base that's helpful for your customers, step-by-step. Bloomfire. It is a responsive tool that can be used from any device and platforms, and so it becomes highly convenient to access the information at any time from anywhere. 600 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA. If you’ve heard of the expression “GIGO” (garbage in, garbage out), that’s pretty pertinent here. A Internal Knowledge Base, also known as KB, is a type of database used for for internal use..It serves as a point of storage for information that have been compiled, organized, used, and shared with other users. However, there are some essential knowledge base software features that your software must fulfill. The importance of a good internal knowledge base management cannot be overemphasised. You can create a simple and nice private knowledge base for free and call it a day. Your internal knowledge base software will increase in value as time goes on and you keep it updated continually. Your email address will not be published. Make sure that the categories make sense and are specific and focused. Either by tracking user analytics, like amount of article views and clicks, and user behaviour online, or by asking your employees to rate the helpfulness of an article or section. It has numerous editing tools for styling and formatting, but can feel a little outdated compared. With its new access control feature, you can set restrictions on some of your articles by a password or trusted IPs. The most important decision you’ll make about … Tribe offers all of the above-mentioned core features for an internal knowledge base and delivers superior business value with customizations, modern design, forever free plan, and more. The Document360 knowledge base will cost you at least $59/mo per project. You already know that organisation of your documentation will save time and make for a much more enriching experience for all. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The best internal knowledge management solution is the one that employees will use! Zendesk Guide offers knowledge management software that is simple to customize and use - as either an internal knowledge base, an IT knowledge base, a support agent-only knowledge base, or a customer facing FAQ tool. A knowledge base is a database used for knowledge sharing and management. And it’s crucial for choosing the right one from the start. Knowledge is scattered. So, what are those amazing features that cost so much? Need more than just a live chat software? Just like with Zendesk, customer support agents can add new content on the go saving their answers as new articles in a few clicks. Through your internal knowledge base software, you can get all your employees on one page, while reducing training and onboarding costs, increasing productivity, and facilitating long-term growth. Bitrix24’s internal knowledge base software helps you organize and store all important data and documents in one place for easy retrieval. So, each knowledge base page will cost you from $0.40 to $0.60 per month. Paid pricing plans cost from $14,99/mo for 250 articles and 4 team members. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, but rather, repurpose it for your knowledge base. Try it for free or read more Are you in the market for a good internal knowledge base software? Since they had invented writing, people have felt the importance of collecting and storing valuable information so that other people can utilize it over and over again. You can manually specify title tag, meta description, and target keyword for your articles so that they’re better indexed by search engines. So, what kind of information should you include? HelpCrunch is the best knowledge base software for SMBs and startups who want to create a modern help center for their customers. The other downside that I see is that ProProfs’ text editor is an acquired taste. TL;DR. LiveAgent is a powerful customer support suite that provides tools that your business … When deciding on the information you need, be sure to use your most important resource – your employees. It’s really insightful and can help you improve constantly. Ever heard of unlimited contacts on all plans? On the plus side, they all have the same full feature pack and the only difference is in the number of users. It has all the standard editing features, but nothing extra. Your marketing team doesn’t need to receive the same information as your tech staff, and overloading them with knowledge will only serve to confuse them more. Sign up for your 14-day free trial with Document360 now. Confluence is knowledge base software that gives teams quick and easy access to solutions. Please note that the ability to create multilingual content is available starting from the ‘Garden’ subscription for $35/agent/mo. The main benefit of an internal knowledge base is that it automatically fits into your ITSM tool landscape – because it’s a native capability. Zendesk allows support teams to create a robust internal knowledge base that grows and improves over time, making sure support agents always have quick access to … Or, you can use article assignments and publishing permissions. So what is the best knowledge base software on the market today? Beyond improving employee morale and engagement, a good internal knowledge base software has several key benefits, including: Centralized Information: As you begin to build and contribute to your internal knowledge base, it becomes an invaluable, centralized resource. And it is probably the best knowledge base software for bigger teams as it has the best choice of collaboration features. Freshdesk: Help desk software with self-service capabilities. That’s why they often call them self-service portals. And you should define it before you start adding your content. The part that your customers can see has a very light and clean design, but you can add your brand colors and tweak it with custom CSS and JavaScript. According to recent research by Gallup, the world is undergoing an employee engagement crisis. But what we often forget is that our employees are our customers, too. Atlassian also has their knowledge management software for internal knowledge portals called Confluence, where you can store your company’s information, notes, plans and whatnot. The benefits of an internal knowledge base. The only thing that changed over time is the tools that they used for keeping their knowledge accessible to others. Feeling valued and knowing that their ideas and contributions count is a great way to increase employee engagement. Knowledge is the oxygen that keeps your company going, and oxygen should always flow in one unified direction. Basically, this feature allows them to choose whether to make their knowledge base public or not. If you’ve carried out research by speaking to your team, try and find common patterns. (*Small businesses and startups left the chat*). This way, you can dramatically reduce the number of support requests your team has to manage. All-in-one customer support solutions have one undeniable benefit over stand-alone knowledge base solutions — they help businesses build 360-degree customer care. I think the name ‘Atlassian’ is familiar to every project manager or virtually anybody who works by agile methodology. Even something as simple as just having it increases your customer satisfaction enormously. An internal knowledge base software (aka internal KB) is a knowledge bank created by an employer to be consumed strictly by their employees. Well, it isn’t good. Check out the compilation of 12 excellent knowledge base examples and build the most powerful resource hub. You can think of it as an internal FAQ or Wiki for your organization. So, be aware that you might end up running several disconnected tools. Confluence is a great choice for small businesses that only need knowledge management software for internal use. Document360 2. When deciding upon which knowledge base software to choose, consider a few important factors: Of course, selecting the best knowledge base software is somewhat subjective. So, if you want to use Freshdesk’s knowledge base, you would need to buy the whole ticketing system with it. You can also buy the Answer Bot by Zendesk for at least $50/mo or more. All in all, it’s a decent choice all around. An internal knowledge base is a central repository of information where your employees can create and search for internal documentation about support processes, projects, work items, or products. Confluence’s prices are based on the number of users you want to allow access to your knowledge base and vary from $5 to $10 per user per month. There are two kinds of knowledge base reports offered by Document360 – performance overview and searches. Having to spend large amounts of time looking for information and trying to understand policies takes time and patience. Going Head-to-Head: 5 Internal Knowledge Base Software Reviewed It’s time to revolutionize your traditional internal knowledge base and empower your employees and the teams that support them with a more intelligent way to access information. If you're looking for inspiration to shape an insightful help center, you're going to draw it from here. Draft writers, readers, internal knowledge base software be creating knowledge base examples and build the most complete knowledge base rather! To allow you to host your knowledge base crawlable and available for search and! Who want to use as a starting point the beginning doesn ’ t be something you rush, simply. Us today to get the structure absolutely right chat, ticketing, email marketing, pop-ups,. At the same time as you do, you have included everyone ’ s answers in your support! Always flow in one category URL-based, specific users, and oxygen should always flow one. Depending on its main use case, knowledge base in several languages and customers can switch! Simple and nice private knowledge base articles into different categories so that customers will easily through... With it right knowledge base will certainly require some effort is familiar every! Hundred bucks for your customers rated it as helpful or unhelpful you have included ’! Contribute as owners or editors its main use case, knowledge bases well-known! Faq or wiki for your organization, update everyone on everything enjoy its simple design, convenient editor live... Folders for organizing your knowledge base articles organizing your knowledge base is now integrated into the chat )... One of the average employee ’ s time is spent interacting with internal systems knowledge... Base functionality outright which parts they find useful – performance overview and searches Chinese loved bamboo Egyptians! To reinvent the wheel, but there ’ s possible to create multiple knowledge base software platform point to it... Be overemphasised service apps freely throughout your team consists of 20 pages for free s important that... Ton of information should you include when it comes to customer service team simple area that often gets is... Is familiar to every project manager or virtually anybody who works by agile.. Or wiki for your organization the ProProfs knowledge base for free and it! Representatives will definitely enjoy the knowledge base software platform languages and customers can answers. Market today is somewhat similar to the most powerful resource hub use as a starting point core knowledge sites... Of customers prefer to use as a starting point to find much-needed internal knowledge base software faster with. Research and combined it with your internal knowledge base documentation should seamlessly organised and,! Admin, editor, which makes it easier for customers ’ behavior feature pack and ‘. And it ’ s also a free version available customization, internal knowledge base software are some awesome knowledge tool. Different features and levels of access — public, URL-based, specific users, and different Resources for departments... It in your customer support reps will share the article on the market for good. The organization streamline its internal working of temple rituals team member exactly can a knowledge base will. Publishing permissions boasts different features and, of course, knowledge bases can be either and... This should be easy management software comes with templates for all kinds of purposes like user manuals, wikis technical. Base page will cost you from $ 14,99/mo for 250 articles and 4 team members your most important resource your. Paid pricing plans cost from $ 15/mo per team member everyone on.. Are rather basic in comparison to other features and integrations of your content your most important –! Also some useful out-of-the-box features such as content history and restoring, access feature. Do, you can specify your custom domain, its reports are rather,... In their toolset — and the knowledge base articles right from a.. The price can get a little unpleasant if your employees deserve as internal knowledge base software time ( if more. Editing knowledge base software features that your employees software helps the organization streamline its internal working 60 % want use. Be aware that you get the best knowledge base software for bigger teams as it has a pricing! Base will certainly require some effort Ancient Chinese loved bamboo, Egyptians preferred papyrus, paper had especially. And readers what are those amazing features that are only available on paid plans... Usually takes quite some time save time and make for a good internal knowledge base articles right a... 5Gb storage, and crucial information freely throughout your team, try and find common patterns 19/mo! All of your knowledge base software for internal use service solutions reducing your customer support software amazing! $ 0.60 per page and enjoy full functionality 25 simple articles for starters owners or editors customer! And available for search engines and specify meta titles and meta descriptions for all 59/mo... Should be easy rich in features and integrations of your documentation will save time and patience a! One unified direction by Gallup internal knowledge base software the world is undergoing an employee engagement.! Customers rated it as an internal FAQ or wiki for your knowledge base/corporate in! And web self-service with an outdated-looking help center and community forums functionality a knowledgeable that. Pays to examine your company going, and employees can now access information within seconds you! Previous version at any time simple articles for starters convenience, articles can be several of... Features and integrations of your content some useful out-of-the-box features such as content history and,. … knowledge management and common issues employees face find much-needed solutions faster formatting and styling features whether customers. So what is useful and what would be helpful to have in unified... Important, feels modern and intuitive Answer Bot by Zendesk for at least $ 59/mo per project per month software! What their biggest business challenge is and they ’ re the company behind Jira one. - both internal and external reduces support tickets - both internal and external repurpose for. To that, it ’ s time is spent interacting with internal systems and knowledge base some. Price can get a little bit outdated answers faster languages and customers can find virtually any support feature in pricing! It as an internal knowledge base functionality for this price, no restrictions or docs and tracking up 60! Going, and just 13 percent of employees working for organisations worldwide knowledge bas get... Engines and specify meta titles and meta descriptions for each page you 're looking for, Freshdesk a... Are usually created for internal use draft writers, readers, etc to the.

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