Consumer Reports gave the Trader Joe's Spray SPF 50+ the top spot. The stain was gone! But it needs to be in a smaller room based on the size of the candle unless you burn multiples. I agree with most of the do not buy list. I’d probably do the same and fill up on it too. Your email address will not be published. Those are the only ones I buy from there. So much nicer than using the tape that comes on a cheapie plastic dispenser for a buck or more for just one. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The label says 4x’s the regular strength and I believe it. Where to buy vitamins instead: According to Healthline, the best Vitamin D supplement comes from Nature Made, which you can purchase on Amazon. Again, the issue is quality; you never know what you're getting. “At Dollar Tree, you might find cans of soup or veggies selling for $1, though you'd find the same items priced lower at the supermarket or on Amazon,” says Doug Whiteman, editor-in-chief of the personal finance site I've written many Dollar Tree posts, transformed countless Dollar Tree products and even wrote about the best Dollar Tree items for crafters and decorators.I've been making over Dollar Tree products for so long that I wanted to share an updated list of the 50 best items to buy at Dollar Tree. Also remember that for $1 you can afford to replace some items many times before it adds up to retail price even at big box stores. NOT every dollar tree carries the same stuff. If you missed my first post last month, you can start here. Hey Jen, thanks for stopping by!! Here are other brands for cruelty-free beauty. The basic Awesome cleaner can be used in so many ways. I’m not sure if you’re including all dollar stores or just specifically the Dollar Tree, but we have a Dollar General close to our house. However this seems to be on a per store basis. I could have used the whole bottle and wouldn’t have had enough suds. So glad you’ve joined the Frugal Convert community, Elizabeth, welcome! Most plastic products in any dollar store are manufactured in China where the standards for testing toxicity levels are much, much lower than in North America. I have read super reviews for their umbrellas, but have not seen them in store since then. Roasting pans and storage containers, baggies and every day foils. But there are things that I find better quality for the buck elsewhere. Click through this gallery to find out what you should steer clear of at the dollar store, no matter how low-priced it is. Be sure to check it! I don’t buy the flip flops for walking but you can make a wonderful summer wreath with 4-5 pairs. My favorites are the pencil bins (come three to a pack and fit perfectly in drawers)…I showed how I use these in my kitchen organization post (and I have an office organization post coming up that shows how I use them there too). That’s a creative wreath, such a great idea. I don’t buy a lot of flowers from there but know others that love them too! I will be looking for your reply. Love the led light bulbs, wish they had higher than 60 watt, but if 60 wat works for you these are great. At my store, all they have are the Betty Crocker’s kitchen ware. Glad to hear that others have experienced what I have. Where to buy tools instead: From hand tools, power tools, and woodworking tools, Home Depot provides a vast selection for you to choose, both in-store and online. [clickToTweet tweet=”19 Items to always buy at Dollar Tree to Save You the Most Money. Check the expiration date and ingredient list before you buy, then test it out on a small area to make sure your skin won’t break out or dry out. All Dawn users know to expect a nice sink of suds all the way to the end with Dawn. Their toys don’t last more than one or two play sessions and are so cheaply made that you’re pretty much buying a disposable toy. Thanks so much Pam! So glad I could help you avoid unnecessary purchases! ? I’ve seen small bottle of modgepodge there which is expensive at Walmart or Michaels. I’m not sure if anything in CA doesn’t cause cancer. Just look at the side if the bottle for the dilution rate for various jobs, walls, floors, car grills, etc. i would nly question the safety of the goods at any store and that is that. Dog leashes…marbles …Vases…Holiday hats and head bands..Luau decorations. I saw once that they had a 4oz. I urge everyone to thoroughly check the ingredients on these products and don’t use anything that has Triclosan. This post is hopefully helping a lot of people side step some of the purchases that didn’t work out too well for me. You make a great point Donna. This really gets to me. I’d rather try to find products with natural ingredients that may cost a little more. I need to try those out for sure! I just thought I’d say that I agree with you and that iv shopped dolor tree for years and learned some very good lessons. After paying rent, utilities and maybe put gas in your car, there isn’t much left over. I camp and travel a lot and Dollar stores are great for buying small stuff on the go. Kids toys, I dont know what kind of stuff your Dollar Tree carries because they are ALL different. Haha. Thank you for the great advice! They smell so good when they are burning. Gina, thanks for your opinions! And you forgot the period after your sentence. As well as many other products. We don’t have a Family Dollar or any stores like that in my town so I wasn’t able to check out places that price items above $1. Saving money forces us to use our heads and think corporate meaning how would you go about making money while making people think they’re getting a real bargain. ? Love the holiday decorations. THEY ALL CONTAIN CANCER INGREDIENTS! The dollar store is a bastion of low-priced goodies and deals—except, sometimes, it's not really worth the rock-bottom prices if you'll just be picking up a truly inferior product. Cards, balloons, decorations, plastic eat wear, cleaning products “Awesome” only, etc. Best Things to Buy At Dollar Tree Kitchenware. I’ve heard great things about the amazing cleaner, I’m definitely going to try it soon. While that may seem like a good deal, a lot of times that 4 oz include bone and fat. Happy Wednesday Everyone! That’s awesome that you live in an RV, I’d love to know more! Another item i love is the large thin cutting board sheets, comes in a 2 pack and its big enough to chop a whole head of lettuce etc and then you can bend it and dump everything into your bowl, pan etc. It was mainly the Dollar Tree, but I completely agree about the greeting cards, they’re fabulous. As well as kitchen towels. The Dollar Tree can be a great place to buy if you’re looking to save money — especially when it comes to food. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I totally agree Jocelyn! Did you use the potato truck to take out the light bulb? Great tips! I left a spatula in the pot. I generally stick to the name brands and shop for just the “rv” size items. . Hi all, Thanks again for your comment, have a nice day. Holy smokes! I think there are 12-18 per package and they are much higher elsewhere. But in the end, I know that there are many great buys and that it does make it affordable for people who don’t have other options. They r so not! I like the greeting cards, wrapping paper and gift bags and dog leashes. The Dollar Tree is a great place to shop, but we should be aware and do our research before buying Everything! But the name brand ones turn out to be more cost per unit than if you just bought them on sale at a drugstore or a Target/Walmart. I have never found the candy stale and it doesn’t break the bank to treat the children in my classes. I’m here to tell you what they are, so when you walk out of the dollar store next time, you only walk out with real deals, and not get duped on items that you could have purchased a better price or had better quality elsewhere. Even if you don’t have the triple-threat to save big, you can still save enough money to make it a good deal by shopping their ads. Thank you for your help & sacrifice weeding through & sharing your knowledge & experience! I hope that, despite the small error, the post was helpful. I’m also an Employee at the Dollar Tree. Thanks Rebecca! One lesson I’ve learned is not to buy off-brand cleaning supplies at Dollar Tree-I did that when we first moved and it was all worthless. 12 oz bag of blueberries there compare to Walmart $3.00 for 16oz bag is a no brainer. For example, everything you find at Dollar Tree is $1 (or less), but the same is not true of Family Dollar and Dollar General. To put it simply, the warning is only there so they can sell thier product in California. Hi Ellen, so glad you found the article helpful!! Saved me from trying them and wasting money. The math says it all. Crazy savings. I’m sorry it sounds that way. And as far as your CANCER CHEMICALS comments, maybe you should research better, MOST of your beauty products from soap, to shampoo to toothpaste ALL have cancer causing ingredients unless your buying organic! It seems like such a deal. Those products should not be allowed here, but they still manage to make it to stores. Ground Chuck. You get what you pay for is exactly the way to think when you shop at any discount store right? Faye, thanks for letting me know! I honestly can’t follow which store you are at, or are you still several??? Hey Ed, thanks so much for stopping by! Also, grab disposable aluminum baking pans for turkeys n stuff to bring to others homes n not worry about losing ur “good pans”! Not all dollar store products are priced competitively, and soda is a huge offender. I say this as a proud dollar store shopaholic…my oldest son used to work at a Dollar Giant….there are definitely great deals to be had at dollar stores, but there are also some items that you should avoid at all costs.

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