The Project

Project: Air
Area: 280 sq.m.
Location: Dnepr, Ukraine
Project: 2017
3D graphics: Alexander Chervinskiy

The Solution

A light and airy house, with large panoramic windows, which let the sun in to fill the house with a big amount of light. It is worth noting, that this time we moved away from the usual architecture for our practice and chose the constructive scheme of a modern half-timbered house.

The Final Good

A project of the house Air is created for a family of four people. The name of the project speaks for itself: Air is a stream of fresh air that fills every nook of this light, light and incredibly cozy house. A land plot is located on the hill with a great city view, so the location prompted us to integrate nature into interior. According to the plan, on the first floor we placed a kitchen, a dining area, a living room and a cabinet on the second level, from which there is an exit to the balcony. The general space of the first floor is an open space, where each functional area smoothly flows and interacts with each other. Also on the first floor there are two bedrooms and a bathroom, on the second there is a children's bedroom with a bathroom. In general, the layout of the rooms is designed in such a way, that the owners have a quick access to the terrace and the pool. To ensure a comfortable life in the house, we applied double-glazed windows with spraying, which prevents overheating of the house in the summer and prevents large heat losses during the winter.


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