i feel espresso bar

The Project

Project: I feel espresso bar
Area: 63 sq.m.
Location: Kriviy Rig, Ukraine
Realization: 2015
Photo: Alexander Angelovskiy

The Solution

We create a cozy and creative space, where citizens could spent their free time with friends or had a business meetings during working days. The space consists of two halls one of which, in turn, has entrance, the bar, a showcase and the cashier. There is also a kitchen and two toilets.

The Final Good

In the "I feel" there is nothing superfluous, but given everything that you need for a comfortable and delicious pastime, a confirmation of this - the opinion of many local residents.
In accordance world tendencies and the interior has been resolved. We made our choice in favor of concrete, warm wood, gray and black colors, an abundance of greenery and open communication.


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