In May, the company. So I think, as I said, I think we hit a record net retention number this quarter at the 1 22. So it's not that we're not interesting people here with interesting ideas about the expansion opportunities you're describing. So are they going through a multiyear or just a bigger batch of envelopes? On the call with me today, we have DocuSign's CEO, Dan Springer; and CFO, Cynthia Gaylor. Now on to our guidance. And that, to me, is sort of more of the same as opposed to sort of an earth-shattering multiple. That's really helpful. And we've also built a lot of sales capacity, right, as we've seen this opportunity. So when we get to these other markets, it's not — there's no other DocuSign of with that same sort of presence in another country. And so many people in buying homes or leasing apartments got familiar with using DocuSign, such to the point that if I go someplace and say, I work at DocuSign, the vast, vast majority of the people, give what we call Docu love stories. And then the third piece for me is it really is about this macro opportunity in the Agreement Cloud and making sure we're stitching together all of the pieces that — one of the things when we buy these other companies, sometimes they're small. So that's the place where I think we'll see a bigger opportunity to really maintain substantial growth that Cynthia described. [Operator instructions] I would now pass this call over to Ms. Anne Leschin, head of investor relations. DocuSign on Thursday posted fiscal third-quarter earnings of 22 cents a share, well above the 13 cents a share forecast by analysts polled by FactSet. They're more rapidly getting to a place where they've used up that capacity. On opex, I mean, I think we've seen a lot of companies in this environment actually see the opex growth significantly tempered by COVID, Latin and so forth. As you think about that post-pandemic world and given all the high net expansion rates and everything you're seeing, does that pace of acceleration maybe slow down now that there's less urgency with remote work? Hey there. So I think we just want to just give us another quarter, and I think we're going to take a hard look at that and assess whether the success we've had would lead us increasing our expectation for that range going forward. And I think what we're seeing right now more than ever is that because people are putting more and more existing customers of their business processes on with DocuSign. At the same time, I think as we go forward, we're not at this point changing our historic range that we've talked about since the time of the IPO of saying that's going to be kind of in that teens, 112, 113 on the low end and maybe getting up to 119 or so on the high end. We encourage you to consider all measures when analyzing our performance. I know you guys have been talking about your IL4 government data center. NIO stock predictions for September 2021. So one of the things you've heard us talk about is we're actually trying to decrease even though it's small, we're talking about 4% of our revenue being services, decreasing that as a percentage going forward, not because we're going to reduce the services we do, but we're just going to move so much more of the growth into the partner ecosystem. The way I would think about it is TAM-based. And you've done a great job, I think, talking about some of the longer-duration tailwinds to your business. And so I think it is a part of our exciting future. Our next question comes from the line of Walter Pritchard with Citi. DocuSign, Inc. DOCU is scheduled to report second-quarter fiscal 2021 results on Sep 3, after the bell. I think what you've observed, though, is we will have tough compares going into next year. Motley Fool Transcribing has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. But are they at the right level in the organization to have that conversation, say, a year from now? Yes. And so it's just something to be mindful of as we move forward. Averaged NIO stock price for month 79.25. The stock has soared so far this year as DOCU’s business model benefited from tailwinds of the stay-at-home trend. DOCU’s flagship product, its e-signature service, has over 749,000 customers, use the e-signature as a stand-alone service that can be integrated into existing business workflows. The company has been posting record revenue growth. And I think it's a really interesting question. Thanks to all of you. Thank you. I mean Q3 was really strong, and we saw broad-based demand across the customer base, whether it was in new customers or the expansions and upsells. He began his career as an Equity Analyst, researching stocks and preparing in-depth research reports. For non-GAAP operating expenses, we expect sales and marketing in the range of 42% to 44% of revenue for Q4 and 44% to 46% for fiscal '21, R&D in the range of 14% to 16% for Q4 and 13% to 15% for fiscal '21, and G&A in the range of 9% to 11% for Q4 in fiscal '21. Thanks. Yes! Some people do buy by seats, as you said. Great. One example is an international e-commerce customer. Investors can use this forecasting interface to forecast DocuSign historical stock prices and determine the direction of DocuSign's future trends based on various well-known forecasting models. DocuSign Inc Stock Price Forecast for 2021: January 2021: Open: 249.772: Close: 266.471: Min: 249.772: Max: 266.471: Change: 6.27 % DocuSign Inc Stock Price Forecast for 2021: February 2021: Open: 268.754: Close: 284.871: Min: 268.754: Max: 285.290: Change: 5.66 % DocuSign Inc Stock Price Forecast for 2021: March 2021: Open: 285.117: Close: 294.889: Min: 285.017: Max: 294.889 Subscription revenue increased 54% year over year to $367 million. This will enable a notary transaction to occur entirely over video with the notary and participants all in different places. So that's it for me. It provides cloud-based transaction products and services in the United States and over 180 countries internationally. And so we saw this dramatic acceleration on the signature side of the business and some slowing of deals and some slowing of those transactions of people who were working with us on the CLM side. 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