The Project

Project: Crumb
Area: 48 sq.m.
Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Realization: 2021
Photo credits: Andrey Avdeenko

The Solution

In a small apartment for a young girl, we were faced with the task of making it ergonomic and visually increasing the space due to colour, storage systems, and a large window.

The Final Good

The monochrome interior is very graphic. In this, black blotches in the form of handles, switches, and lamps played an important role. To visually increase the height of the ceiling, we used exclusively vertical handles and removed the baseboard, merging the ceiling with the wall. The micro cement floor gives a silky, tactile effect and does not visually tie the rhythm to the seams.

At first glance, the size of the kitchen may seem large. But this is not so, given that it also serves as a household storage system - from the refrigerator to the columns, where the boiler is located and a place for a mop, bucket, and other things that will come in handy on the farm. Near the window, there is a tender and comfortable seating area, which is so necessary for a small apartment.

On the contrary, there is a storage system with a TV area. Considering that the TV does not play a special role in the customer's life, it has a small diagonal. Thanks to this, we managed to hide it behind the common facades. Also, this place serves as a storage system for outerwear, linen, and other things.

Small lamps on the ceiling allow you not to focus on the general lighting. Solo performs suspension at the table.

The bedroom area has minimal walkways. Due to the very compressed volume, there is no decor and textures. Neat lamps with a small plane at the head serve as small shelves. The sleeping place is separated by sliding doors with transparent glass, but for softness and variability, here we also added the same curtains as in the kitchen.

All cabinetry, bed, sofa, and sun lounger by the window are made locally by a single manufacturer.


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