Gastro Home

The Project

Project: Gastro Home
Area: 87 sq.m.
Location: Dnepr, Ukraine
Realization: 2018
Photo: Andrey Avdeenko

The Solution

The volume consists of two shopping areas and technical room, toilet and utility room. 3 textures create this laconic interior. competent approach ensures the success of this store. all carpentry work was done by craftsmen in place.

The Final Good

This place is located in a new residential complex on the ground floor. The store has two entrances, from the street and from the yard. It is very convenient and practical. We applied only 3 textures - tile, concrete and wood. All wooden elements play an important role, they functionally solve problems and also create visual harmony. Wall tiles protect walls and provide vertical lines that visually increase the ceiling. Everything is linear and graphically clear. A practical gray floor tile gives a neutral gray background on which the orange mosaic tiles are very juicy. We also provided a small cafe where you can enjoy breakfast or meet people over a cup of coffee.


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