Guest house 02

The Project

Project: Guest house
Area: 180 sq.m.
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Project: 2017
3D graphics: Alexander Chervinskiy

The Solution

The house consists of common area, which is represented by living room, kitchen and dining room, hallway; customer bedroom; and sauna with steamroom and shower room, restroom and dressing room. Also at this site we made a pool, garage and the main house witch is almost finished.

The Final Good

Guest house is light and open construction with modern architecture and interior design. A costumer is a young man with a good taste, who likes healthy way of life and extreme. The shape of the side is reflected on the architecture of the building, which is situated near the pond and main house. Guest house is one-storey building with panoramic windows, which unite different parts of the side. Also windows help to integrate nature into the house. Water that flows down from the roof while it’s raining, creates before the panoramic windows a kind of waterfall, giving the interior an atmosphere of originality and a certain ethnicity. In the dining room outside the window we organized a shallow pool filling with rain water. Luxury deck chairs and art objects make this house graceful and stylish.


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