Heat 360

The Project

Project: Heat 360
Area: 180 sq.m.
Location: Dnepr, Ukraine
Realization: 2014
Photo: Andrey Avdeenko

The Solution

Transform the non-residential building in a cozy house.
The two-level structure that today is equipped with bath, a living room with a hayloft and a shower, as well as the "musical" bedroom is located lower than the main house where the owners live.

The Final Good

A cozy house, in which the hosts gladly would spend time, regardless of the season, surrounded by nature, where the air is clean, and the sounds are beautiful, the residence is made spacious and open, allowing you to enjoy all the pleasures of the environment and a sense of freedom that it brings.
The canopy over the entrance is made of shingles, and the panoramic window in the bedroom on the first floor plays a role of a large TV, which "translates" the nature all around the year. What is more, the house doesn’t have the TV, because instead of a blue screen the customers have an amazing view of the nature, fireplace and sauna. For example, for the best view in the common room the furniture deliberately oriented toward the windows.
We used natural eco-friendly materials. Supporting structures of the house are made of wood, the roof is made of shingle, repeating the slope of the relief. There is no drain. The water that flows down from the roof while it’s raining, creates before the panoramic windows a kind of waterfall, giving the interior an atmosphere of originality and a certain ethnicity. Falling from the roof, rainwater is divided on the round stones that serve as a retaining wall for the blind area near the terrace.


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