The Project

Project: Monochrome
Area: 300 sq.m.
Location: Dnepr, Ukraine
Realization: 2012
Photo: Tatyana Kovalenko

The Solution

A comfortable space for a family with three children. It was necessary to distinguish between the personal zone of family members and a place for hanging out and entertaining. We combined two apartments in one place and divided it into two areas: active and calm.

The Final Good

A dominating color is white, but with splashes of green, olive, beige and brown shades of the space does not look cold. Plants and images with nature make the apartment more cozy: this bright poster with tulips in the master bedroom, and "flower" wall in the guest bedroom, and draw a tree in one of the children's rooms. One of the bathrooms decorated with tile image of the forest. Even some of the lights resemble plants, for example, Moooi chandelier in the dining room. A feature of the apartment was also the filler, or as it is called, industrial floor in the living room, office and corridors - one of the most difficult stages in the project, because it is not so easy to find a good specialist for this type of floor screed. Particularly impressive white glossy floor looks in a long corridor leading to the children. Combining with lights this part of the apartment makes an impression of the spacecraft. At the same time the severity of lines and white color are diluted with simple drawings on the walls. In contrast to the corridors and living in private quarters of households, it was decided to use a parquet floor in warm colors, and comfortable on the windows hang curtains. But the main color is white, which is connecting active and calm zones in a single product.


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