Over white

The Project

Project: Over White 2
Area: 300 sq. m
Location: Kriviy Rih, Ukraine
Realization: 2013
Photo: Tatiayna Kovalenko

The Solution

A new life for costumers house, which was 14 years. They needed a new modern house, which would be appropriate for their lifestyle. Location near the river brought us an idea to integrate beautiful nature of this area into the interior and use more natural light and enlarge the space.

The Final Good

To the main entrance was attached dressing room and a new entrance. Old one was turned into a music room, which connected kitchen and living room. The idea "without borders" has been developed on the stairs and in the lobby of the second floor. There are no handrails and railings. We rebuilt four narrow windows in the living room into one panoramic, adding expressive facade and modernize it, and the interior has become an integral part of the landscape. It is also has been done with the windows in the kitchen, so the costumers can dinner outdoors without leaving the house. Also there is a wooden window sill, which is a perfect place to sit with a book or newspaper. The kitchen is functional and minimalistic. In the bathroom on the first floor, it was decided to leave the sauna finish made of 3D-tiles in ethnic style. At the master bedroom we made two panoramic windows and one corner window from the floor to the ceiling and this wall became a common wall with a bathroom. The facade is faced with natural slate, plastered and painted foam. It helps to save energy. The house is equipped with air recovery system and air conditioning, the light is operated by iPhone or iPad.


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