Hillside house

The Project

Project: Hillside house
Area: 600 sq.m.
Location: Kriviy Rih, Ukraine
Project: 2019
3D graphics: Alexander Chervinskiy

The Solution

Family house with two dressing rooms, kitchen, dining room, living room. The second entrance is a second kitchen, pantry and two guest bedrooms. Swimming pool with WC and wardrobe. Living area with two bedrooms and a master bedroom with wardrobe and sanitary unit.

The Final Good

The house is located on the banks of the river in the suburbs. The plot with a slope, for an effective and harmonious inscription of the house into the relief, the entrance to the house is made below the entrance to the territory. The philosophy of this house is the harmonious coexistence and convenience of family and staff. Simple forms and modern architecture at first glance carries not simple engineering solutions. The house consists of two wings united by the space of a common room 9x12 m with panoramic glazing and a sliding system of 6 m. Through this glass, a picturesque view of the river opens. The left wing connects the guard house to the main building with a 20 meter carport and ends with a 6 meter console on which the master bedroom is located. Right wing pool and guest bedrooms with a second kitchen and its own entrance. The span of the pool is also 12 meters and is equipped with a sliding window system. Between them is a terrace with a decorative pond with overflow, which also has a functional purpose - collecting rainwater from the roof of the pool.


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