True values

The Project

Project: True values
Area: 161 sq.m.
Location: Dnepr, Ukraine
Project: 2022
Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

The Solution

This apartment is beautiful in the bustle of the city. Creating this interior we were guided by the principles of a classic interior. The whole mood was set by furniture: customers wanted solidity and comfort, as well as beauty. As a result, the apartment was elegant and with the character of the customer.

The Final Good

When creating this interior, we were guided by the principles of a classic interior. The furniture creates the whole mood: the apartment owners wanted solidity, comfort and beauty. As a result, the condo fully reflected the nature of the customers - a married couple with delicate taste and a broad outlook. Their main wish was to bring the classical style's mood into a big city's interior. This coincided with the concept of the residential complex, which is also made in the classics.

When you enter the hallway, its atmosphere allows you to get to know the people living here. A spacious, bright area with neat moulding and marble floor in a very sophisticated design is a good backdrop for the console and armchair.

The hall is relatively isolated from other areas. In planning decisions, we also provided a kitchen area, a living room area with a dining table, an office, a bedroom with a dressing room and a bathroom, a guest bathroom and a technical room (laundry room). A great advantage is that the apartment has three terraces with three exits.

The interior is dominated by warm neutral colours with minimal dark accents, which we can see in the window frames, the back of the chair, the elements of the marble floor, and the cornice. Unobtrusive inclusions harmoniously serve this concept. This scale goes with one note throughout the entire volume.

The soloist here is a handmade chandelier made of goose and cock feathers above the table in the living room. This chandelier by Heike Buchfelder/Pluma Cubic combines the simplicity of minimalism with extravagant luxury. It can be seen in the Lufthansa VIP lounge at Munich Airport, the Moss Gallery in New York, the Martha Herford Museum in Herford and the Metropolitan Design Center in Buenos Aires.

We used exclusively high-quality materials: luxurious marble with chic processing, gypsum wall decoration, which gave naturalness and integrity to the interior, exquisite furniture and fabrics, and a lot of complex joineries (doors, plinth, cabinet in the living room, library, desk, dressing room, cabinets).

Choosing this style, the customer must understand that the execution must be exclusively at a high level: from materials to contractors. As a result, many decisions that may seem simple and logical to us can be implemented with great difficulty in life.

True Values project results from a significant interaction between designers and the customer. Before the customers contacted us, they followed our work for a long time, so in the implementation process, we received complete confidence.


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