Villa Lan

The Project

Project: Villa L
Area: 500 sq.m.
Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Realization: 2019
3D graphics: Alexander Chervinskiy

The Solution

One-storey villa with a large entrance hall and garage, study and master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room. In the other wing of the building there is another bedroom with a bathroom. The large, dining room and living room. Twenty-meter pool with a sauna and a bathroom unit.

The Final Good

The villa is located on a site in the suburbs with wonderful views of a small river and picturesque Ukrainian lans. A large villa is a rethinking of a classical Roman villa, in terms of classical enfilade construction, we rethought the requirements for a modern home and an individual client requests. The large kitchen is separated from the dining room and living room by a glass sliding system and swing doors between which the fireplace blends wonderfully, adding coziness and atmosphere to the dining room. A sliding panoramic window system allows you to integrate into the interior a terrace with enfilade of columns designed for mashing on a hot summer day. Light arched constructions, restrained but elegant decor on the facades, window openings in the floor with window frames, we made in combination with a modern function and the philosophy of integrating nature into the interior. Panoramic sliding windows, a glass structure integrated into the pool facade made in order to go beyond the boundaries of human perception of the indoor pool and give a feeling of openness even on a winter day. The slopes of the arches trimmed with metal brightly contrast and are a surprise for those who expect standard classic solutions from this architecture.


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